What is 21 Days?  It is a season where we focus together on God to prepare our hearts for Easter.

Why are we doing 21 Days?  To revive our faith and seek God for spiritual breakthroughs.  

Why are we fasting and praying?  We fast in order to disconnect us from what distracts us. We pray to connect our souls to the Spirit of God.

What does it mean to fast?  It means to abstain from something.

What are some examples of things to fast from?  Food, sugar, alcohol, social media, news, addictions.  Anything that is a barrier to having time and spiritual energy to connect to the Lord.

Can I do a partial fast?  Yes. You can fast from one or two meals a day, or from social media until the end of the day. You can fast from food but drink juice. Ask the Lord and he will guide you in your practice. If this is your first fast, take a baby step.

I am new to prayer. How should I pray?  We recommend using what is called the Lords Prayer or the Disciples Prayer. You can read about it in Matthew 6:9-13. This is the prayer Jesus used to teach his disciples to pray. We suggest memorizing it during this season and using each phrase to prompt you to pray as the Spirit leads you. Another idea is using the acronym ACTS, praying through each of the letters:

  • Adoration 

  • Confession

  • Thanksgiving 

  • Supplication 

How can I pray for others and Restoration during this season? You can go to our app and receive a daily prompt of what to pray for. Click here to download our app: https://subsplash.com/restorationcommunity/app

Will there be any prayer gatherings during 21 Days?  Yes, each Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. we will have a 45 minute prayer time that will include worship, a brief devotional by Ron and a time of praying for others, our church, our city and our world. Join us at Restoration on March 27th, April 3rd and April 10th at 6 am.

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21 Days of Prayer Devotional
Receive a small devotional and prayer prompt every day. Access the devotional on our app.
To receive daily alerts for the devotional, be sure your notifications are on for our app!

Fasting Guide
Looking for more information on fasting and how to fast? Use this personal guide.

Prayer Gathering
Join us for a time of worship, devotion and prayer. Each gathering will last about 45 minutes.

March 27th @ 6 am
April 3rd @ 6 am
April 10th @ 6 am