Volunteer for Easter and the Egg Drop!


We need your help to make this years’ Easter services and the Helicopter Egg Drop event great!

Whether you are able to serve at one Sunday morning service or help for the whole Egg drop event, you make these events possible! There are many ways to get involved ranging from ushers for the services, to bouncy castle attendants! Fill out the short form below so we can help find the best fit for you.

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What positions are available?

For the Egg Drop:

Registration & Check-in Table at Restoration - helping people at the church check-in, get their kids wristbands, etc.
Set-up Team - help set-up the tables, chairs, & signs at the egg drop location 
Plastic Table Delivery - transport the 6ft plastic tables from the church to the egg drop location and back again afterwards 
Clean-Up Team - help clean up the trash from the location grounds, tear down the chairs, tables, & signs 
Onsite Registration & Info Table - help provide any answers to people at the egg drop location and help any late registrations get their wristbands for their children, etc. 
Bouncy Slide Supervision - help supervise and monitor the use of the bouncy slide by the children 
Bouncy Obstacle Course Supervision - help supervise and monitor the use of the bouncy obstacle course by the children 
On-Field Line Holders - hold caution tape surrounding the location where the helicopter will drop the eggs so that no one enters the area before they are safely able to 
Parking Team - help direct traffic into & out of the parking lot(s) and find parking spaces within the parking lot(s) 
Directions Team - be stationed on the grounds to direct people to where they need to go after they park 

For Easter Services:

Greeter - greet people and assist as needed by directing others where to go or on what to expect
Usher - assist in seating people and addressing needs that arise
Cafe Host - provide an inviting atmosphere with food and beverages for all
Parking Crew - direct cars, greet people, and create a safe, friendly atmosphere to all
Set Up - create a welcoming environment by setting up chairs, tables, etc. prior to the start of services
Tear Down - help put away chairs, tables, etc., cleaning up areas after services

My child is participating in the Egg Drop,
will I be able to watch the drop if I volunteer?

Yes! Most of the positions will be closed during the actual egg drop, so you will be able to watch and get lots pictures! If you would like to sign up for a specific position, or have more questions about which position is the best fit for you, please fill out the form above with your questions.

Do I need to serve at all the Easter services?

Only if you want to! There are 6 Easter services spread over the weekend. Feel free to help out during one or more, if you can. We want you and your family to enjoy this holiday, so please do what is the best fit for you!

Can my family and I serve at both Easter & the Egg Drop? 

Yes! You are free to help out during one or more  of the services & the Egg Drop, if you can. We want you and your family to enjoy this holiday, so please do what is the best fit for you! 

Can my kids serve at Easter and/or the Egg Drop? 

Yes! If your children are in Middle School or High School then we would love to have them help at the Easter Service(s) and/or the Egg Drop. There are a variety of positions that are great for that age group. Just be sure to let us know their ages when you sign up so we can get them in the best role. 

Have more questions? Fill out the form above, and we will answer them as soon as possible.