Teaching Pastor

Title: Teaching Pastor

Reports to: Lead Pastor

Primary Objective: To preach transformational messages at Restoration Community Church

Key Responsibility Areas:

  • Attend a weekly 30 minute teaching team meeting

  • Preach twelve times a year in Restoration's weekend services

  • Constantly grow as a communicator


  • The ability to communicate clearly

  • Excited about reaching pre-Christ followers

  • Teachable, humble, strong sense of self

  • Able to communicate to people in various stages of faith

  • An avid learner

  • Able to communicate complicated concepts in practical and life changing ways

  • Can contextualize messages to downtown Denver urbanites

  • Has a sense of humor


Loving people into a lifestyle of passionately following Jesus


  • Evangelism: We shamelessly share our faith

  • Discipleship: We believe everyone has a next step

  • Redemption: We sweat and bleed with God to restore people and places

  • Community: We move people from rows to circles

  • Multiplication: We reproduce disciples, groups and churches

Staff Behavioral Values:

  • Humble: We are teachable

  • Hungry: We are never satisfied with the status quo

  • Hustle: We are biased towards urgency and action

  • Healthy: We are responsible for our own self-care

  • Heart Smart: We are emotionally and socially aware

  • Hand it Off: We develop leaders

  • Humor: We have fun

To Apply: Send a cover letter and resume to ron@restorationcc.us