Worship Arts Resident

Title: Worship Arts Resident

Reports to: Worship Arts Director

Primary Objective: To love people into a lifestyle of passionately following Jesus by cultivating excellent worship environments where people engage and respond.

Residency Objective: The primary purpose of the residency program, through Leadership Pathways at Restoration Community Church, is to provide a hands on learning opportunity through relational/practical ministry experience. Residents will spend time serving in many ways, but each resident will have a primary focus on a specific ministry within the church. This experience will provide residents with a chance to gain practical ministry training, while working in an atmosphere that is both personal and professional. Under guidance, support and coaching, residents will test their gifts and call to vocational ministry, and personally develop both spiritually and theologically.

Hours per week: Average of 20 hours a week

Stipend: $125 per week

Key Responsibility Areas:

  • Sing 1x per month on the worship band

  • Learn how to Schedule AV volunteers to serve in the weekend services Planning Center

  • Attend weekly Programming Meeting as well as a monthly program strategic meeting

  • Work with Worship Director to edit our song catalog & find new songs that fit our culture

  • Train to become a weekend producer

  • Design Pro-Presenter slides

  • Become familiar with the video capture process of the weekly message

  • Monthly development meeting with Worship Director on Leadership Pathway core competencies

  • Procure all stage props and set for the speaker

  • Maintain ProPresenter: clear off old files and make sure system is up to date

  • Print weekly production checklists

  • When producing complete the weekend checklist

  • Create preshow loop

  • Import videos and lyric slides into ProPresenter for the weekend

  • Maintain and clean backstage/stage

  • Maintain equipment for weekends (i.e. batteries in packs and headsets)

Personal attributes and abilities:

  • Prayerful and rooted in Jesus Christ.

  • Belief in and adherence to the mission of RCC.

  • Leadership that can attract and mobilize others.

  • Willingness to work in cooperation with Lead Pastor, Worship Arts Pastor, Executive Director of Next Gen Ministries, and others inside and outside the church.

  • Strong leadership ability with organizational and administrative skills as well as careful attention to detail.

  • Comfortable with spreadsheets, word processing programs, and databases such as Fellowship One.

  • Loves beautiful systems.


  • A personal commitment to follow Jesus.

  • Demonstrate commitment to see RCC function within the scope of best practices in ministry principles. Agreement with the mission/vision of the RCC.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) and internet navigation.


Loving people into a lifestyle of passionately following Jesus


  • Evangelism: We shamelessly share our faith

  • Discipleship: We believe everyone has a next step

  • Redemption: We sweat and bleed with God to restore people and places

  • Community: We move people from rows to circles

  • Multiplication: We reproduce disciples, groups and churches

Staff Behavioral Values:

  • Humble: We are teachable

  • Hungry: We are never satisfied with the status quo

  • Hustle: We are biased towards urgency and action

  • Healthy: We are responsible for our own self-care

  • Heart Smart: We are emotionally and socially aware

  • Hand it Off: We develop leaders

  • Humor: We have fun

To Apply: Send a cover letter and resume to kyle@restorationcc.us