What Does It Mean to Be a Restoration Partner?

We desire to have you partner with Jesus and others at Restoration through committing to the 5 G's of Discipleship: Grow, Groups, Give, Gifts, Go. By using the 5 Gs, we pray that you will grow tremendously as you root yourself in the gospel; that your sense of self grows more confident and joyful as it is shaped by the cross; and that you will experience more intimacy and union with Jesus than at any point in your life. 

GROW - I will read and reflect on a chapter from the Bible at least 5 days a week

GROUPS - I will join a small group where I can grow and help others grow

GIFTS - I will volunteer to serve at Restoration in some capacity

GIVE - I will contribute financially on a regular basis to the mission of Restoration

GO - I will pray for my unchurched friends and seek to make disciples

Already a partner? 

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