Get Up!

You have dreams you want to accomplish. You want love, you want a family, you want to write a book, you want to start a business or a non-profit or a church.

What keeps you from doing what you want to do? Is it your feelings? Your limiting beliefs? Your physical energy? You don’t have enough money?

These may be issues, but they are not the main issue. The main issue is that you are not taking action.  You are in your head too much.  Your feelings are leading you and not your will and the Spirit within you. You need to get your body moving.

It all starts each day with one key act of the will. Get Up! Every time you hit the snooze button or lay in bed after your alarm goes off, you train your mind to listen to your feelings and your flesh instead of your will.

Set your alarm tonight and tomorrow morning get up within the first 5 seconds after it goes off! Then go chase after those dreams God has placed in your heart.

Ron Johnson1 Comment