The Hope of Holy War

God’s holy war is the only hope we have that one day war will come to an end. In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris this week, this hope can be a great comfort to us. To understand the hope of holy war we have to understand the difference between the holy wars of this world, the holy wars that Israel fought in the Old Testament and finally the holy war that God is currently fighting that will ultimately put an end to all wars and all terror.

Regarding the holy wars of this world including the one ISIS claims to be fighting:

  1. They involve bully nations and tribes picking on weaker nations and tribes
  2. They claim to be fighting battles for God
  3. The decimate innocent people groups often committing genocide and/or ethnic cleansing

Regarding Israel’s holy wars in the Old Testament:

  1. Israel was a small nation of unarmed refugee’s from Egypt trying to find a place to live in the midst of nations much more powerful than they
  2. Israel did not not claim they were fighting for God; God was fighting for Israel
  3. Israel attacked military outposts, not population centers full of innocent people

Regarding the one true holy war:

  1. God is seeking to destroy the spirit of Babylon. In revelation 18 this is the spirit of the world. It is a spirit of empire building, spiritual adultery and greed, all three of which lead to violence and unholy war
  2. God is fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves; the poor, the spiritually lost, the orphan, the widow and the oppressed
  3. God is driving Babylon out of the world so he can make room for heaven to re-united to earth. He is and will protect the innocent and bring justice to our world

That’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? Join us this weekend at Restoration and discover how God’s holy war can bring us great hope.

Pastor's BlogRon Johnson