Consistency Creates Spiritual Growth

I got home late last night, normally I read my bible before I go to bed, meditate a bit and do some journaling. I watched ESPN instead. No big deal right? Yes, it is. 

Here is it what I notice in myself and others when it comes to spiritual disciplines. We skip a day and then it becomes two days and then three and so on. Before you know it you are disconnected spiritually and living independently from God. The well starts to run dry. Life may still be fine, but that deeper joy starts to go away. You lose your connection to what matters the most. You then lose your sense of call. You coast and you get caught up in the stream with the culture around you and start going through the motions with everyone else. 

It starts with a single choice to show up for God and pursue him or not. Discipline brings freedom. Sound legalistic? Not necessarily. It’s about motives. Legalism is about doing what you do as the basis for winning God’s approval. Discipline is about making sure you stay close to God because you are grateful for what he has done for you and you believe he is the source of all joy. 

Start or restart your spiritual disciplines today. Consistency creates spiritual growth. 

Ron JohnsonComment