5 Things I Learned, Re-learned or Un-learned This Week

  1. Sitting is the new smoking.  I learned this from an aching back and Kelly Starrett.  Sitting is killing us!  It is compressing our lower spines and causing health problems.  The solution?  You have to strengthen and lengthen the posterior chain.  Want to learn how? Read “Foundation” by Peter Parker and Eric Goodman.  My back has improved dramatically in one week.  2.
  2. Post-moderns are hungry for the Bible.  The more I listen to new Christians and non-Christians and even mature, post-modernly influenced Christians the more I realize we are all hungry for the Bible.  We want the stories not the just the doctrines that are often just poor caricatures of what the Bible really teaches.  Expect more biblical exegesis at Restoration in the months to come, along with the same level of practical relevance and the ever needed hope of the gospel.
  3. “It takes teamwork to make the dream work.”  I think John Maxwell said that.  As a leader I continue to learn that my role is not to do tasks, but to release people to lead others to do the creative work and ministry our church and city desperately need.  It’s not about me, its about the team.  That’s a growing heart attitude I need to keep cultivating.
  4. Vulnerability is courage.  I have been reading and listening to Brene Brown.  It takes vulnerability to push through your fears and attach to a loved one.  It takes vulnerability to have the courageous conversations we all dread having.  It takes vulnerability to face our shadow selves.  It takes vulnerability to dream big and act on our dreams.  Vulnerability is strong!
  5. The stronger the bond the stronger the marriage.  I preached last week on Genesis 2:24.  “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.”  The word for “cleave” is dabaq in Hebrew.  It means to adhere, attach, bond.  This is at the core of marriage.  If the bond is strong the marriage is strong.  If the bond is weak so is the marriage.  Want to grow a better marriage?  Strengthen your bond.  How do you do that?  Time.  Vulnerability.  Know your heart.  Give your heart.  Love your spouse with their love language.  Pray for a deeper attachment.  It’s all about the bond.
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