Best Easter Ever

I love Easter every year, but this last one has become my G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). There was so much goodwill!  All of our services were buzzing with people who were fired up to be celebrating Jesus together. I am sure the building renovations were a big part of it.  I am sure the Easter Egg Drop was part of the reason. The worship was great as always. The Host Teams made everyone feel so welcomed.

But the deeper reason this Easter was so special is because we engaged the historical story of Easter with belief and passion. Jesus came back from death to life and he is bringing us back from death to life!

Here's the stats for you number types. 1126 in attendance, 36 confessions of faith, 10,000 eggs dropped and zero deaths by helicopter! There were however a number of reports of kids dealing with chocolate hangovers on Monday.

It was a great weekend Restoration.

He Has Risen!

Pastor's BlogRon Johnson