Discipling Busy People

The stats are abysmal. People go to church less and less. Your most committed people give you fewer worship and small group “reps” than ever. You see the culture pulling everyone towards more consumption and the idolatry of the family.

What do you do as a pastor? Preach angrily? Shame people for not being more committed? Expose all their cultural idols?

OR do you work with what you have? Do you find ways they can grow in their cars as they go to work and soccer practice? Do you give them tools to help their kids grow as disciples as they drive to and from school? Do you teach them that the mission is more outside the building not inside it? Do you teach them how to share their faith “as they are going”?  Do you teach them how to make disciples at work and on the ski slopes and at their kid's baseball practice field?

Do you push string up a hill or do you ride downhill on a skateboard next to them?

I know which path I will take.

Ron JohnsonComment