Do This or be Miserable

Are you miserable? Have you thought about your calling? As the Quakers say, "Let your life speak." How?  Seven Questions.

1.  What do you love? 2.  What do you value? 3.  What is your wiring? 4.  What is your burden? 5.  What is God blessing? 6.  What do people say you're good at? 7.  What is the Spirit stirring?

Finding your calling is like looking for a deer in the woods. You don't find one by aggressively running around and making a lot of noise. You sit still and let it emerge.

We have to be sit still and listen to find our calling.

One last thing. This takes huge courage. Calling requires risk. People will get mad at you.  You may need to change your job.  You may lose a lot of money.

It takes faith, hope and love to live our calling.

You are not alone. Someone, the One, wants to help you. You don't have to be miserable; let your life speak.