Empty Containers

There is the story of a woman in 2 Kings 4 who is broke and about to lose her son to creditors. She feels she has nothing for God to bless and help her overcome her circumstances. Elisha tells her to find some empty containers. She does so and God blesses her with an abundant amount of oil. Enough to take care of her and her sons as well as stave off the credit police.

Often we believe God could really bless us if only we had something we don’t have: money, time, abilities, a bigger platform, more faith...  

In reality, we all have some empty containers God can fill. It might be filling our mornings with his presence by getting up and spending time with him. It might be filling up an evening a week by spending time with a neighbor who is searching spiritually. It might be filling our checking account with gifts to a church that helps people who need Jesus. It might be filling up our weekends with walks with our spouse or significant other rather than another football game. It might be filling up a lunch a week to help someone become a disciple or to coach a maker of disciple-makers.

What empty container can you find to let God fill you up with more of his presence and love?What container can you empty to make room for God and his blessings in your life? What container can you empty on behalf of others?

Ron JohnsonComment