Happy Marriages are Intentional Marriages

Most bad marriages don’t become bad intentionally, they become bad accidentally. Most good marriages become good intentionally, they do not become good accidentally.

Below are a few ways I see happy couples being intentional.  

Happy couples check in with each other daily. They ask questions like, “What was the best part of your day?”  “What was the hardest part of your day?”  “Where did you experience God today?” “How can I pray for you today?”  “What are your wishes, hopes, and dreams for the immediate or distant future?”  “Is there anything I need to know about you or us?”  “What can I do to be a better husband/wife?”

Happy couples know they need time together. They have a regular date night where they can give each other their undivided attention. They budget for this. They plan for this. They find romantic places to go and they connect. Their date night is sacrosanct.  

Happy couples get out of town! They know they need extended time away from their jobs and kids and responsibilities so they can focus on each other. They know that shared experiences and making memories strengthens their bond. They remember moments together that bring them both smiles for years to come.

Happy couples make sex a priority. They know that sex makes them feel closer. They also know that sex is a barometer for how well they are doing overall. They know that hot intimacy leads to hot sex, not the other way around. They make sure they set aside time and have the energy to pursue each other in the bedroom. They have a sense of humor and make sex fun.  

Happy couples are on a mission together. They know their marriage is not an end in itself. They exist for something larger. The larger story of God. They make disciples together and they seek to bring the beauty, truth, and goodness of the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.  

Happy couples are happy intentionally, not accidentally.

If you are married, what will you do to make your marriage a happier one?

Ron JohnsonComment