How to Turn a Lousy Day Into a Great One

How do you turn a lousy day into a great one in 2-3 minutes! How do you feel about who you believe you are?

This may sound philosophical, but who you believe you are has a huge impact every day on how you feel and what you do.

When you say, "I am________."  What follows your I am?

Do you say I am lonely?  I am ugly?  I am poor?  I am not making a difference?  I am unwanted?  I am a failure?  I am afraid?

Or do you say I am rich?  I am loved?  I am flourishing? I am wanted?  I am called?    I am growing?  I am making a difference?  I am beautiful?

What follows your "I am" follows you.  All day long!

Before you stop reading, this is not about some new angle on the positive mental attitude movement (PMA).  That movement has helped a lot of people, but it has not helped people experience transformation at a deep level.  A soul level.  It also has not led people to God.

God called himself the I AM.  God knows who God is.  He is secure in himself.  He is authentic.  He is grounded.  He is happy with who he is.  He is at peace.  He is content.

And he wants us to be as well.

Jesus used I AM statements in the gospel of John eight different times.  He was saying he believed he was God (John 8:58).  He often followed his I AM statements with metaphors to help us understand who he believed he was.  Metaphors like the Vine, the Good Shepherd, the Way the Truth and the Life, the Light of the world...

Jesus invites us to follow him and promises us that we will know who we are in light of who he is.  It is an invitation to know who we really are.  Not who we think we are.  Not who we are told we are.  But who we really are.  Who God says we are.

Jesus says for example that he is the Vine and we are the branches (John 15).  The branches are where you find the fruit of the vine.  We are fruitful if we are in Christ the Vine.  Fruit in the Bible is a symbol of virtue (Galatians 5).  It is a symbol of flourishing (Psalm 1).  It is a symbol of evangelism (Romans 1:13).  It is symbol of gratitude and praise (Hebrews 13:15).

When you know Jesus as your Vine and you are connected to Him, intimate with him, yielded to him, you find yourself saying things like; "I am fruitful," "I am making a difference," "I am flourishing," "I am richly blessed," "I am changing lives," "I am a lover of God."

How do you put this into practice?  Spend time with Jesus (he calls it abiding) more than once a day for just a few moments.  Remember who he is and tell yourself who you are in light of who he is.

Let me give you a personal example.  I often feel like I am not making a difference.  I feel like I should be doing more.  I carry a constant, palatable level of shame and guilt around with me most days in this area.  But when I look to Jesus and think about who I am in light of who he is the pressure is off.  I remember he is the Vine and I cannot make a difference in this world apart from him.  I am the branch.  I am fruitful and making a difference, seen and unseen, because he is working through me.

A simple 2-3 minute meditation on who Jesus is can change how we see ourselves immediately.  And how we see ourselves determines how we feel about ourselves and how we live.  We can follow Jesus or can let what follows our "I am's" follow us around all day.

What follows your "I am's?"

What will follow your "I am's" if you follow Jesus as your I AM?