How Smaller Can Be Bigger

To my shame, I am often not as grateful for our 200 seat auditorium as I should be. The Lord gave it to us for a song and he has used it to make many disciples the last seven years. But I still complain anyway.

If I think addition, adding more people, I get annoyed by how few seats we have at optimal hours. When I think multiplication I see our building very differently. We want to raise up dozens of church planters, teachers, worship leaders, next-gen ministry leaders and an army of volunteers we can send out to start churches over the next couple of decades. Our building is perfectly positioned for this. We can start worship services at non-optimal-times that reach various groups of people and use these services as OJT opportunities for training leaders.

I am learning two principles. 1. Multiplication beats addition every time.  2. Every big problem we face as leaders may actually be an even bigger opportunity.

Ron JohnsonComment