How to Have an Awesome Job

Do you have an awesome job? We have a love-hate relationship with work. Some of us love our jobs. Some of us hate our jobs. Even those of us who love our jobs have aspects of our jobs that we do not enjoy. How can we enjoy our work more deeply while knowing our work will never be without struggle? It all comes down to how we think about our work.

God wants to help us think about our work from his perspective.

In Genesis 2:15 we are given a calling to cultivate. We are to literally create culture. To make the world a more beautiful place for all who live here. God made us to do work that is creative, in line with our uniqueness, and that blesses others while glorifying God.

In Genesis 3 God cursed our work. A curse is a desire for others to experience adversity. A curse can come from an evil heart or a good heart. God cursed our work from his good heart, desiring that our adversity in work would lead us back towards him and away from being either lazy or a workaholic (Romans 8:19).

In Matthew 28 we are given a second calling to make disciples. To follow Jesus and encourage others to follow Jesus so that we might learn the ways of God and live out our cultural mandate in the most beautiful, true, holy way possible.

We have a dual calling to create amazing cultures and to make disciples.

If we will see our work the way God see's our work, it won't be perfect, but it will be much more deeply satisfying, meaningful and life giving.