Need More Time?

Most of us wish we had more time. Time is non-renewable resource. Once it is gone, that's it. You can get more food, more money, more friends, but you can't get more time. Your time is your life.

Here are a few principles that help me manage my time better.

  1. "Invest you best in what matters most." I give my best energy (in the mornings for me), to my top priorities. This usually includes spiritual practices, message preparation, and developing leaders.
  2. "Schedule your values." The level of our frustration is often caused by the gap between our values and our actual behavior. I value family, personal growth, making disciples, and stewardship. These are my top values. If i don't schedule them I don't live them. If I don't live them, I feel frustrated and empty.
  3. "Invest your worst energy to your least important tasks." I batch busy work like texts, emails, and phone calls at the end of the day. I am pretty low energy around four o'clock and so I do most of my communication then.
  4. "Focus on what matters now." I have wicked ADD. I can get distracted by a fly. I have to work very hard at shutting off my phone and other distractions to be present. When I focus I get a lot more done. Wherever I am, I want to be all there.
  5. "Make up deadlines." I race against the clock all day. I schedule out what I will do and when and then try my best to stick to those deadlines. Parkinson's law states that work expands to the amount of time given to accomplish it. I set deadlines so I do not spend more time than I need to on various projects and meetings.
  6. "Say yes to the best and no to the rest." The biggest problem most people face is not a lack of commitment, but over commitment. I try and say no to most things so I can devote myself to the best things - my mission and core values.
  7. "Delegate everything someone else can do." I am not good at much. What I am good at, is what I need to do. Everything else I need to delegate.

Time is one of the greatest resources God give us. What are you spending your time on?