Preparing for a Better Future

In Matthew 4 Jesus calls Peter, Andrew and James to be his disciples.  It is important to notice what they were doing before he called them.  They were mending their nets!
When you mend a net you change it.  You fix a part of the net that is broken.  Sometimes you expand the size of the net.  The goal of net mending is to make the net bigger and better so you can catch more fish.
Jesus called the disciples and then sent them out to fish for people (aka make disciples) in Matthew 4:19.
Restoration is in a net mending season.  It is summertime.  We are preparing for the fall.  The fall is fishing season.  We are raising up new leaders (staff and volunteers) so that we can make more and better disciples in the fall. This is an exciting time. Will you mend nets with us?
The better our nets the better our future will be.


Pastor's BlogRon Johnson