Week in Review: Learning, Un-Learning and Re-Learning

I never get tired of learning. Even un-learning and re-learning can cause good growth. Here’s my top 5 from this past week: 1. Shame focuses on our inadequacy. Guilt focuses on something we did wrong. Shame leads to death. Guilt leads to repentance and transformation. (Source: Brene Brown “The Gift of Imperfection”)

2. The brain loves novelty. If a spoken message does not have an “aha” or a “wow” insight the brain turns off when listening to a communicator. This requires more than pithy phraseology. It requires deep insight into a subject. (Source: “Talk Like Ted”)

3. When an organization is stuck or plateaued there are two directions to look. The first is culture. Is the culture supporting improvement and growth? The second place to look is the systems that support growth and improvement. The highest leverage system is the decision making system. Do you have the decision making structures and rhythms that will empower growth and not impede it? (Source: My friends at Strategic Launch Network)

4. Solve organizational problems by using them to develop people. If we just focus on the problem you will not change the deeper problems that created it. We will micro-manage. Deep organizational change always comes back to people. (Source Andy Wood)

5. Proverbs, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes and Job are the wisdom books of the Bible. Pretty much every significant insight I need about relationships can be found in those four books. (Source: God’s Scriptures)

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