What You Are Afraid of is Killing You

What are you afraid of? If you are afraid of vulnerability you may always be single. If you are afraid of going to therapy your marriage may not make it. If you are afraid of refugees you will miss out on seeing Jesus in the one's who live in our city.  If you are afraid to tithe you will not know God as your Provider. If you are afraid of quitting that job you hate you will miss out on your calling. If you fear being able to pay next months rent you will sabotage the joy that awaits you today. Fear kills. Fear robs you of life. So what are you afraid of?

In Psalm 34 King David reflects on a day when he almost lost his life to King Achish.  He remembers how he prayed through his fears and found a way out of them. The result was he knew God as his deliverer. As David prayed, God normalized his fears, God externalized his fears and God out sized his fears.

David did not just believe in God.  David knew God.  David experienced God.  David tasted God (Psalm 34:8).

We can know God like David did, but only if we learn to pray through our fears like he did.

Read Psalm 34 and then join us at Restoration this weekend to learn how.