A Thursday Night Worship Service?

Why are we offering a Thursday night worship service at Restoration Community Church?

  1. One of our core values is inviting our unchurched friends into loving environments. Many of our friends are not able to attend a worship service on the weekend because they are in the mountains, working, attending sporting events, traveling, etc. The loving thing to do is to create an environment they can attend that fits the Denver lifestyle. Thursday night is a contextual opportunity for Denverites.
  2. We will do anything, short of sin, to help people find their way to Jesus. That means adding all the services and locations and small groups we need in order to see more people enter into the Kingdom of Jesus.
  3. Worshiping on Thursday nights frees people up to minster to their friends on the weekends.
  4. An opportunity to try a new format. We will have acoustic music rather than a band. The services will be short (45 minutes or so). We will do a Q&A after the service is over. You can eat during the service, if you want. It will be laid back.
  5. It creates dialogue. Unlike our other services, on Thursday night we can talk about the Scriptures together and go deeper.
  6. Spiritual explorers can ask questions, too! All questions, by people in all stages of faith, are welcome.

So join us for our first Thursday worship service, April 21st at 6:30 at our Denver location. It is a great group of fully alive folks that is forming. We will offer Family Life Ministry to our friends up to 4 years old. Please contact Lance if you are interested in being on the Host Team. Can't wait to see you!