Why We Are Never 100% Satisfied

Why are we never satisfied? I just finished skimming the 5280 Denver Beer Guide. It's in the latest issue of 5280 magazine. I thought to myself, "What would someone from another country think about people in Denver based on this issue?" I would guess they would think we are crazy about beer. That we care about the environment. That we are obsessed with our bodies. That we love food. And that women in Denver love jewelry. These are all good things. But...

If our imaginary person from another country was more reflective and spiritual they might think we are looking for something internally that we are seeking to satisfy externally. They might think we are rather soulless.

We are not very good at taking care of our souls. Jesus says in John 10 we are like sheep. We are not so bright when it comes to spiritual things and soul care.

Many of us hire coaches for our work, our fitness, our favorite sports, and yes our lives. We call the later "life coaches." We recognize in many areas our need for guidance and help.

When it comes to our souls, we need a soul coach. Some of these soul coaches are small group leaders. Some are pastors. But the ultimate soul coach is Jesus.

In John 10:11 Jesus says, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep."

Jesus knows our souls far better than we do. He made our souls. He laid down his life for our souls. He told us that life is futile if we lose our souls (Luke 9:25). He wants to take care our souls. He wants to be the shepherd of our souls.

Nothing satisfies us if our souls are not satisfied. Like sheep, we can't find green pasture and clean water without a shepherd (Psalm 23).

Jesus says our soul care starts by going through the door. He says he is the door. The soul care continues as we listen to his voice. This results in a satisfying life.

Have you gone though the door?

Do you hear his voice? Be satisfied.