You Could be Happier

You could be happier than you are this Christmas season. Christmas is complicated. We are managing already out of control schedules, dealing with loneliness, trying to please stressed out bosses, searching for the perfect gifts for those we love, grieving disappointing relationships, attending all of those Christmas parties many of which feel more like obligations than celebrations. It's complicated.

So how can we by happy in the midst of all this complexity?


To be holy is to be set apart. It refers to otherness. Transcendence. Mystery.

Holiness is not morality. We have all met moral people who were not holy. They may be honest, diligent, even generous, but they could care less about God. They are good, but not set apart for him.

The mystery of God's holiness intrigues us. Knowing him is like reading a book you can't put down and you never want to end. he more we know of God, the more we want to know him.

The mystery of God's holiness also leads to intimacy. To be intimate means to know the innermost feelings and thoughts of someone. It means to experience their otherness. The more you experience the mystery of another persons soul, the closer you feel to them. If this is true of a person it is certainly true of God.

It is Christmas season. We are hearing songs like "O Holy Night" played in restaurants, malls and on the radio. Why not set apart some extra time, holy time, to be read the story of Christmas and let it intrigue us and lead us to more intimacy with our God who became one of us.