Your Future Marriage

Every week couples in love dress up and spend thousands of dollars getting married in front of friends and family.  They make vows right before the climactic pronouncement of becoming husband and wife.  Essentially they are making promises.  Promises that for the most part they can’t keep and will probably break. Does that sound cynical?  The facts around divorce say otherwise.

I had a couple recently ask me to marry them.  They were so in love you could smell the dopamine.  They told me they were made for each other.  They like the same kind of dogs. They enjoy the same reality shows.  Shoot, even their initials rhyme.  Nobody has ever felt the kind of love they feel for one another (insert cynicism here).  They had finally found the right one.

I did not do their wedding.  That may sound harsh, but I said no out of love.  Between the two of them they have been divorced three times.  I am not judging them.  I am divorced. I know that heart ache.

I did not marry them because they are not ready.  I gently told them so.  As many of you know it takes a lot more than chemistry to make a marriage work.  In my opinion, they do not have what they need – yet.

If you are single you will need a lot more than chemistry to make your future marriage work.

If you are married you will need more than you currently have to make your future marriage even better.

It starts with you.

Are you becoming the mate your future mate is hoping for?

This is an important question for all of us.  We will look for the answer, and Jesus, this weekend at Restoration.

Pastor's BlogRon Johnson