10 Reasons to go to Restoration on Thursday Night

Tonight we will have our fourth Thursday night service. I am loving this service!  I love the feel and the people and the format. f you have not attended I hope you will. Below are 10 reasons Thursday night is a great option for many people in our city. 1.  You have the whole weekend to enjoy Colorado. 2.  If you travel or work a retail job you won't miss a worship service. 3.  It's a great mid-week pick me up for your soul. 4.  The message is the "directors cut" so you get more teaching. 5.  There is a Q/A after the service if you want to dialogue about the message or anything else. 6.  The vibe is more laid back then on the weekends. 7.  The music is acoustic, for you acoustic fans. 8.  The people attending are awesome! 9.  It's a great date night if you have kids. 10.  Jesus loves his church and every time you gather with others in his name it brings him delight.

I hope to see you at a Thursday night service soon!