7 Indicators to Your Calling

Calling. It’s a word that is not often used in common vernacular, but if you know the word, you understand the essence. It means you were meant for something. You fit somewhere uniquely. There is a meaning and purpose to your life that transcends the practicalities of your daily tasks. Ron spoke this weekend at Restoration Community Church about the general calling that all who believe themselves to be disciples of Christ are called to. He then spoke about specific calling for each of us. These specific callings can change over the course of your life and may or may not be associated with your vocation. I know I was called to be a mother and that title does not change for me although the daily tasks sure have morphed.

As a Quaker, I always understood this concept of calling to be your life work whether it provided an income or not, the idea of letting your life speak uniquely as God created you. Maybe it’s my Quaker heritage, maybe it’s my close relationship with God, but for whatever reason, I have always had a sense of living for God in all I do. I knew God called me to be a pediatric Physical Therapist and then I knew he called me to be a mother at home with my children. I heard him call me to start the Dalit Freedom Network and I know he wanted me to be the Associate Pastor of Restoration Community Church.

In December God called me again to a new way of letting my life speak. I am leaving Restoration Community Church and taking the role of President of Empart USA.


Empart is an international organization that works for the social and spiritual transformation of North India and Nepal. The organization has existed for 15 years with offices around the world. When the board offered me the position, I knew it was something I was “called” to.

Since making that decision, I have struggled as I’ve explained to friends, co-workers, and church members at Restoration that God has called me somewhere else. It’s not that I want to leave my role at church; it’s simply that God has called me somewhere else. Leaving would be easier if I didn’t like my church but I love my church!

As Ron spoke this weekend he gave 7 indicators in discerning your calling. These are ways in which we can discern what me may or may not be specifically called to. As I listened for myself, I could say with a resounding YES to each, that God has called me to be President of Empart USA. 1. What do you love? Life, God, people, relationships, India, empowerment

2. What do you value? the lost the poor and the broken, particularly as it relates to injustices

3. What is your wiring? I am a leader, activist, visionary, innovator, extrovert

4. What is your burden? The disenfranchised, the caste system, women

5. What is God blessing? God has clearly directed me toward India

6. What do people say you are good at? Leading, developing, communicating, casting vision, building teams

7. What is the spirit stirring in your heart? The emancipation of 1 billion people in India!

Sunday, as I sat in the second row of the sanctuary (not my usual pacing in the back making sure everything was going smoothly) and listened to these indicators, God confirmed my calling to India. No matter what the cost, this is what God has for me in the next phase of my life. As painful as change is, I must follow the specific calling on my life and trust that walking in my calling with God is far superior to walking outside of his calling for me.

How would you answer those 7 indicators? Are you living out your calling?