It's Amazing!

[embed][/embed]RCC Centennial Santuary Build TimeLapse from BD on Vimeo. It’s amazing to watch and experience what happens weekly at the Centennial location for Restoration Community Church.

When we began to contemplate the launching a new church location in a school, people reacted strongly. “That’s a lot of work!”

Yes, it is a lot of work. Weekly, we pull up a truck and trailer and unload, we haul gear on carts into an elementary school and setup the building to create an amazing worship environment.

It IS a lot of work. However, the pleasant surprise is that we have fun. We gather early on Sunday morning alf-awake, and labor together. It is not to simply setup up a church. It is for something much bigger and greater.

We set up our church location in Centennial so that people can come together in community and experience God. You see the only amazing thing about what we do is Jesus. He alone is amazing and makes our efforts worth every lift, pull, push, and tug.

I honestly look forward to the setup and take-down. I like it because I serve alongside men and women in our church. We joke and jab about college football teams, we laugh at each other a lot, and we grow closer together. That is community. It’s a chance to grow together as we serve a greater cause — the amazing Jesus.

Everyone is “all in”. Our setup crews, our volunteer schedulers, our worship and arts team, our Family Life Ministry crew, our greeters, parking team, food team, etc. They are all committed to helping create a great place where people can encounter Jesus.

At the end of every Sunday afternoon, we might feel tired and even exhausted. But we can rest in the fact that we are striving towards the mission of loving people into a lifestyle of passionately following Jesus. That is amazing!

During the Christmas season, we look forward to hosting two Christmas Eve services in Centennial. I’d love for you to come and join us for a time of reflection on the birth of Jesus. It’ll be a great time to celebrate the amazing Jesus with family and friends!