RCC Grand Opening This Weekend!

t’s going to be a big weekend as we celebrate our Grand Opening at the new RCC Centennial Location! We are really excited and expecting a great crowd of people from the surrounding communities. We will meet at 10am at Walnut Hills Elementary School, this Sunday. As I personally prepare for the launch of regular services at our Centennial Location, I am constantly thinking and praying about what is most important – It is always people. That’s why we are doing this. It is because God loves and pursues us.

I’ve lived in Centennial, CO for six years. It is an amazing place. I love my neighborhood and the people I interact with on a daily basis. I am also burdened for them. I have plenty of conversations with people who are searching, looking for hope. They are trying everything but still feel a void. I know that they need Jesus, and I am trying to help them discover what is radically changing my life.

My faith in Jesus Christ is what gives me hope. I live with a tenacious sense of purpose and meaning because of the way Jesus is defining my life. Frankly, I want more and more of my neighbors to discover the same hope that is fueling my life.

That is why this new launch is totally worth it! It is worth every bit of the hard work, prayer, setup, take down, etc. It is a new venture that allows us to create more loving environments for men, women, and children to discover that same Jesus that is radically impacting my life.

Will you pray with me regarding this weekend? Pray that God moves in people’s hearts. Pray that God guides us to reflect His greatest attributes in the way we interact with the people of our communities. If you plan to attend, will you consider inviting friends and neighbors?  If you want to learn more about talking points designed to help you invite your friends, click here.

Maybe I’ll see you this weekend. It’s going to be great!