Restoration Community Church 2015 Women’s Retreat

Esther was a courageous woman. An orphan raised by her older cousin, taken from her home to be considered part of a harem, valued only for her physical beauty (we would call this trafficked in modern day vernacular), and had great courage in the midst of her circumstances to stand strong and do what was necessary. Esther in the Old Testament takes us on a journey of a girl being valued for her physical appearance, and following the instructions of the men around her, to a woman who stands before the King to face possible death on behalf of the King of Kings.

This past weekend, as women from Restoration Community Church came together in the foothills of Colorado Springs, we experienced all the beauty of the fall colors displaying God’s creative design and learned what it means to be courageous women. Plenty of free time allowed us to rock climb, participate in a low ropes initiative, paint, hike, do Holy Yoga, get acupuncture, play games, and see God’s face reflected in each other.

Retreats are about getting away from our normal routine, relaxing with other people, seeing God in a trans-formative way, and walking away more full of God’s grace than when we came. All those qualities were satisfied as we met at Bear Trap Ranch on Cheyenne Mountain. Meagan Finnell laid a foundation for each session through the beautiful worship. Teaching was interactive with plenty of time for discussion as we each pondered what it means for us to have courage in our story, with our bodies, for our growth, and to step into our calling.

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