Where Everyone Knows Your Name

We like it when people know our name and when we know we belong. The theme from Cheers makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? "Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name / and they're always glad you came / you want to be where you can see our troubles are all the same / you want to be where everyone knows your name." Belonging to a church - not just attending - is something a lot of us want. Yet, the idea of joining a group can be uncomfortable. The thought of being vulnerable enough to meet new people, dive into Scripture, or simply change your schedule can sometimes turn us off from making the jump into a group. With that being said, one of the things we hear most often from individuals who join groups is that they want something more. More than a “hi, how’s it going?” on Sunday, more than a quick hug in the parking lot, and even more than attending a service and listening to a message.

We want fellowship and connection; and we want it with people who are most like us; similar in age, interest, or life stage.

Recently, the group leaders who started the 20s and 30s Community Group told us their story; how they created the group, why they created the group, and how it has impacted their lives. Their answers confirm why RCC loves groups SO MUCH! Here's what they said:

“After attending Restoration for a year, I had met some great people, yet found myself wanting even more than just small "hi" and "bye" exchanges with them on Sunday. What I really wanted was to build deeper, more meaningful relationships. I soon began to recognize the same desire for connectedness and community in others around me. Nicole and I started up the 20s and 30s group with the goal of providing fun, no-pressure opportunities for anyone in their 20s or 30s to connect with other awesome people and to strengthen the community of believers across all services and locations at RCC. This group has had such a positive impact on me personally. Instead of just attending church, I now participate in it. I feel even more engaged in our community and excited about what God is doing here!”

Jill and I were both looking for friends initially. Life changes are surprising sometimes and we wanted someone to talk to, laugh with, and go on adventures with. Our goal, prayer, and vision for joining a group was to make new friends and grow our social circle in a good environment. To my (not so) surprise though, being a part of a small group has created something deeper which I can see God's hand completely. By meeting new people and being able to connect people to each other, I see what God was doing when He created the desire and provided the opportunity for community within His church. I could share a ton of Biblical context where God says to affirm one another, sharpen each other, practice forgiveness, love each other, pray for each other, serve and even accept one another. Building a community and being an actual part of the body of Christ has not only filled my spiritual needs but the transition became so apparent to me when being a part of a community was about other people. I could have continued to get what I thought I needed by just going to church and saying hello to people as I walk by them but we were created for those deeper relationships, just as Christ desires that deeper relationship with us. Being in a small group has revived my confidence in caring for other people and connecting with them in much deeper ways. God receives praise in that and offers blessing to those relationships, I just know it.”

Are you ready to join a group and go where everyone knows your name? We encourage you to explore our Groups page or email our Groups Life Director, Alison Finstad for more information.

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