What’s the difference between the annual offering and our regular offering? A regular offering is what people give in our weekend worship services or online to our general fund. Throughout the Bible, God asked people to take up a special offering beyond their normal tithes and offerings. We like to say at Restoration we have two pockets; one pocket is for our regular giving to the church and the other is for special needs and offerings that arise from time to time. Our annual offering is above and beyond our regular giving.  

What if I have other assets to give? You can gift stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other assets directly to Restoration Community Church. Please email us at

How much should I give? Our goal is significant, and it will take all of us to accomplish it! This includes our kids and students. If we will all pray and ask God what he wants us to do we will achieve our goal. Some will be able to do much more than others. The goal is not equal giving, but equal prayer and sacrifice.

When should I give? We are taking up this offering from December 1st until January 31st. This will enable us to start next year strong and enable our people who want a tax write off to receive one.